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Grist is a ground-breaking spreadsheet application that combines the conventional nature of spreadsheets with modern elements to redefine your data management. This software is tailor-made for those who seek more than just basic functionality from their spreadsheet software - it offers a relational structure, formula-based access control, and a compact yet comprehensive portable format.

Grist | The Evolution of Spreadsheets
Grist is a relational spreadsheet-database that empowers you to organize your data, your way. Get started with a free trial.


Key to Grist's unique offering is its relational structure, which allows you to work with data in ways that go beyond the usual constraints of spreadsheets. This unprecedented feature lets you link records between sheets, making it easier to organize complex information and relationships between datasets.

Moreover, Grist takes data security seriously with its formula-based access control. This feature enables administrators to finely tune who can see or edit specific segments of data based on predefined conditions or formulas. Lastly, the portable, self-contained format ensures all your important data can be easily transported and accessed wherever you need it.

With 4024 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.