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Haraka is an avant-garde SMTP server software developed in JavaScript that offers distinct high-performance capabilities. With its design centered around the concept of plug-ins, Haraka enables users to extend its functionalities according to their unique requirements. This provides a powerful and flexible platform for those seeking advanced solutions for their mailing needs.

Haraka SMTP Email Server
Haraka is an open source SMTP server written in Node.js. Haraka is fast, scalable, and extensible.


Among the key features of Haraka is its high-speed performance. Built with efficiency in mind, the software is capable of handling substantial email traffic without compromising on speed or reliability. It's ideal for demanding environments where rapid email processing is essential.

The power of Haraka lies in its plug-in architecture. This feature allows users to add specific functionalities or features as per their needs, making Haraka highly adaptable and versatile. Whether it's about modifying the existing functions or adding new ones, you can easily do so with this software. As such, this feature makes it possible for users to create a tailor-made SMTP server that aligns with their specific needs.

With 4503 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-21 the project looks healthy.