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HyperSwitch offers a revolutionary approach to financial transactions by combining speed, reliability, and affordability into one open-source financial switch. This software serves as a next-gen solution for those who require an effective payment management system.

Hyperswitch | More power to your payments
More power to your payments. A Juspay Product


Key features of HyperSwitch include its ability to expedite transactions without compromising security or reliability. It breaks down the barriers in traditional payment networks by offering fast and dependable transaction processes. The software is built on an open-source platform, making it an affordable choice compared to proprietary alternatives.

Additionally, HyperSwitch is easy to deploy and use, providing businesses with a practical solution that doesn't require specialized skills or extensive training. The user-friendly interface guarantees smooth operation while the robust backend ensures seamless integration with existing systems.

With 4518 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-08-01 the project looks healthy.