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Hastebin is an application that bundles the Haste server for creating an efficient pastebin software. This unique tool prioritizes aesthetics and uncomplicated functionality, thus offering a clean and user-friendly interface.

GitHub - toptal/haste-server: open source pastebin written in node.js
open source pastebin written in node.js. Contribute to toptal/haste-server development by creating an account on GitHub.


Key to Hastebin's design are its two primary objectives: to be visually appealing and to maintain simplicity. These objectives are evident in Hastebin's minimalist interface that avoids clutter while still providing the necessary features needed in a pastebin software. Not only does it look good, but its simplicity also makes it easy for users to use and navigate through.

One of the standout features of Hastebin is its compatibility with a utility called haste-client. This feature allows users to perform commands such as 'cat something | haste', which subsequently outputs a URL containing the content from cat something's STDOUT. This feature makes sharing content easier, further enhancing Hastebin’s overall usability.

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