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Healthchecks is an advanced monitoring service tailored for regularly occurring tasks, including cron jobs and scheduled duties. By detecting HTTP requests and email notifications from your tasks—known as 'pings'— it provides a detailed analysis of the functioning status of these tasks. If it does not receive a ping within the expected time frame, it promptly sends out alert notifications. – Cron Job Monitoring
Simple and efficient cron job monitoring. Get instant alerts when your cron jobs, background workers, scheduled tasks don’t run on time.


The platform features a user-friendly web dashboard and API, offering over 25 integrations for sending notifications. As part of its robust feature set, it includes monthly email reports, support for WebAuthn 2FA, and convenient team management tools such as project tracking, team member coordination, and read-only access.

A unique aspect of Healthchecks is its live-updating 'checks' dashboard which represents each cron job or scheduled task you wish to monitor. These checks can be customized with names and tags for easy identification later. With options like toggling integration icons on/off and adjusting the period and grace time to suit your task durations, managing your checks becomes effortless.

Healthcheck's reliability can't be overstated. Hosted on Hetzner bare metal servers with excess capacity capable of managing traffic spikes (a common occurrence with certain schedules), Healthchecks assures stability. Application servers are load-balanced while its PostgreSQL database maintains a hot standby for emergencies along with daily encrypted backups on S3.

With 6410 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.