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OS.js is an innovative, fully-featured web desktop implementation. This cutting-edge software provides a unique browser-based platform that mimics the functionality of a standard desktop environment. It is designed to create an accessible and familiar workspace for users, making cloud-based operations simple and efficient.

JavaScript Cloud/Web Desktop Platform


One of the key features of OS.js is its advanced window manager. It allows users to manage applications in a way that's very similar to how you would on your physical desktop. You can open multiple windows, minimize or maximize them, and switch between them seamlessly.

Another important aspect of OS.js is it provision of robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These APIs allow developers to extend the functionality of the platform by building new applications or integrating existing ones. Additionally, the software boasts graphical user interface (GUI) toolkits which can be used to design intuitive interfaces for these applications.

The other major feature of OS.js is its filesystem abstraction capability. This allows users to perform standard file operations like creating directories, moving files around and editing file contents in an abstracted manner usually associated with physical computers.

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