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Hydra is a comprehensive open-source data warehouse solution, constructed upon the foundation of Postgres. Hydra is explicitly designed to serve online analytical processing (OLAP) queries with utmost efficiency by utilizing columnar storage, vectorized execution, and query parallelization.

Hydra / The Open Source Data Warehouse
Get a fully-managed open source data warehouse built on Postgres at cloud scale.


Hydra significantly distinguishes itself from conventional data warehouses through its support for Postgres heap tables, indexing and native partitioning. These features enable Hydra to effortlessly manage high-throughput transactional writes, quick lookups and operational queries, as well as hybrid transactional and analytics processing workloads (HTAP).

As a tool built on Postgres, one of the most widely used open-source foundations for numerous global projects, Hydra allows you to establish an advanced data stack in a matter of minutes. Hydra enhances the functionality of standard Postgres by integrating columnar storage, parallel query execution, and vectorization to boost performance up to 23 times faster than the standard.

With 1214 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-29 the project looks healthy.