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Dremio is an open-source, user-friendly Data Lakehouse that combines the power and functionality of data warehousing with the flexibility of a data lake. It provides self-service SQL analytics and has been adopted by hundreds of organizations globally, including three out of the five Fortune 500 companies, to deliver crucial business intelligence on their data lakes. Dremio has taken up the mantle to redefine SQL for data lakes and aid customers in their cloud journey.

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Self-service analytics with data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility across all your data


In terms of key features, Dremio stands out with its Self-Service Analytics. It provides unified access to your data through a modern and intuitive user interface specifically designed for SQL. This platform also includes a semantic layer that greatly enhances your analytical experience.

Lastly, Dremio prides itself on being Open Data with No Lock-In. It is built on community-driven standards such as Apache Arrow, Apache Iceberg, and Apache Parquet. This ensures that users are not tied down to specific systems or formats while leveraging these open-source technologies to deliver top-notch performance.

With 1224 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-13 the project looks healthy.