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IceHrm is a robust employee management system focused on consolidating and safeguarding the sensitive data of employees within an organization. It serves as a one-stop solution for businesses seeking to streamline and organize their complex HR processes.

IceHrm: Unleash Employee Happiness and Productivity
IceHrm is free online HR Software with Leave Management, Recruitment and Payroll and all other HR needs such as timesheet, attendance and documents


Key features of IceHrm include its ability to serve as a centralized database for all confidential employee information. This not only ensures easy access but also enhances data security as all the crucial details are stored in one place, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Moreover, IceHrm automates various HR tasks such as recruitment, leave management, performance reviews, time and attendance tracking among others. This automation leads to improved productivity as it saves time and reduces errors caused by manual data entry. Finally, with its user-friendly interface, IceHrm makes it easy for both managers and employees to navigate through the system.

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