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ILIAS is a robust and versatile Learning Management System (LMS), adept at managing various types of educational resources. It offers a comprehensive platform for e-learning, whether you're an individual learner, a teacher, or an organization looking to train staff.



Key features of ILIAS include its ability to manage and organize course content efficiently. This software allows users to create and maintain online courses with ease. From uploading study materials to scheduling lessons, everything can be managed in one place.

Moreover, ILIAS offers tools for collaboration and communication, making it easier for students and teachers to interact. Its testing and assessment features allow educators to gauge student understanding effectively. Furthermore, it supports SCORM-compliant content meaning that materials from other platforms can be seamlessly integrated into ILIAS.

Overall, with its wide range of features catering to different needs, ILIAS stands out as an excellent tool for managing learning content in various settings.

With 338 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.