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RELATE is a robust, web-based courseware package designed to facilitate interactive and efficient learning environments. Serving as a comprehensive digital classroom solution, it aids educators in managing multiple courses seamlessly while keeping students engaged and organized.

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The key feature of RELATE is its flexibility. It offers customizable rules that can be tailored to suit any teaching style or syllabus. This means schedules, content delivery, and assessments can be adjusted according to the pedagogical needs of each course. This flexibility ensures an adaptable learning environment that can cater to different students' needs.

Additionally, RELATE provides integrated statistical tools allowing educators to monitor their classes' progress effectively. These tools offer insights into the learners' performance trends and help identify areas where more focus or practice may be required. Moreover, the multi-course support enables managing several courses simultaneously without compromising efficiency. Lastly, the built-in class calendar plays an essential role in keeping both teachers and learners on track with due dates for assignments and upcoming lessons.

With 337 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-19 the project looks healthy.