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Kerberos.io is a comprehensive video surveillance system that brings versatility to the forefront. Its cross-compatibility with any camera and its ability to work smoothly on every Linux-based machine make it a reliable companion for security needs. Whether you're using Raspberry Pi, Docker, or Kubernetes cluster, this software can adapt.

Kerberos.io | Kerberos.io
Welcome to the revolutionary video analytics and video management platform. Open, modular, and extensible for everyone, anywhere.


Recognized for its flexible architecture, Kerberos.io allows for seamless integration with various cameras. Its universal compatibility means that you are not tied to specific hardware - you can pair it with the camera of your preference. This ensures that you have the freedom to select the device that best marries up with your individual requirements.

The software's aptitude for working across all Linux-based machines further expands its utility. From Raspberry Pi projects to Docker containers or even Kubernetes clusters, Kerberos.io can virtually work within any Linux environment. This means no matter what your current infrastructure looks like, this software has got you covered.

In addition to its impressive flexibility and broad compatibility range, it also provides an intuitive interface ensuring easy operation and setup even for users without an in-depth knowledge of video surveillance systems. With Kerberos.io at your disposal, maintaining secure surroundings becomes much more straightforward.

With 457 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.