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dpaste is a simple yet versatile pastebin service designed for those seeking a straightforward solution for sharing text and code snippets. With its user-friendly interface, you can quickly paste your data and share it using a memorable short URL.



The key feature of dpaste is the ability to handle multiple text and code options. It supports various programming languages, which allows developers from different backgrounds to utilize this tool effectively. Whether you're working on a Python script or developing in Java, dpaste provides syntax highlighting for an array of languages, enhancing readability and making it easier to debug your code.

What sets dpaste apart from other pastebin services is its easy-to-remember short URLs. After pasting your text or code snippet, the platform generates a concise link which you can distribute with ease. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who frequently share their work with others; it eliminates the hassle of managing lengthy links. In addition, dpaste ensures your data remains secure by providing optional password protection for your pastes.

With 457 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-02-17 the project looks stale.