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Offering a seamless approach to live support, Mibew Messenger is an open-source software solution built on PHP and MySQL. This application is specifically designed to provide instant, real-time interaction between users and support teams.

The official site of Mibew Messenger project
The official site of the open-source live support application Mibew Messenger


The core feature of Mibew is its robust live chat functionality. It allows service providers or businesses to directly engage with their customers or visitors in real time. This not only promotes immediate responses but also fosters stronger customer relationships by providing personalized support.

Moreover, being an open-source application, it provides the possibility for extensive customization. Users can modify the source code according to their needs, allowing them to fully adapt the system to their unique requirements. Mibew also has an easy-to-use interface that streamlines communication processes while maintaining high levels of efficiency.

With 454 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-30 the project looks healthy.