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Touca is a software solution designed to help engineering teams carry out continuous regression testing. This powerful tool streamlines the software development process by identifying and addressing any issues early in the development phase, contributing to higher-quality software and more productive engineering teams.

Developer-friendly Continuous Regression Testing
Touca is a continuous regression testing solution that helps software engineering teams gain confidence in their daily code changes.


The standout feature of Touca is its ability to perform automated regression tests. It compares the results of new code with previous versions, identifying any changes that may have introduced errors or performance issues. This continuous testing approach allows for rapid development cycles and immediate feedback to developers.

Beyond this, Touca offers an intuitive user interface that makes setting up and running tests a breeze. It's designed to handle large-scale testing scenarios, offering robust scalability options. In addition, with detailed reporting features, teams can quickly identify the root cause of any detected issues and track their resolution over time.

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