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Koha stands as a robust and all-inclusive Integrated Library System (ILS) designed to serve the needs of large-scale enterprises. It beautifully consolidates numerous library management functions into one user-friendly platform, streamlining operations for improved efficiency.

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In its arsenal of tools, Koha boasts modules for acquisitions and cataloging. The acquisition module simplifies the process of adding new materials to your library's collection by automating routine tasks. The cataloging feature allows for easy organization and retrieval of resources within the library's system.

Another standout feature is Koha's label printing tool which aids in clear marking and identification of library resources for smooth operations. Also noteworthy is the offline circulation function that ensures undisrupted service even when Internet access is unavailable. This thoroughly crafted ecosystem makes Koha an industry-leading choice for any organization seeking to optimize its library management.

With 432 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-26 the project looks healthy.