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Kimai v2 is a sophisticated time-tracking software that operates on a web-based, multiuser platform. It offers a cost-free solution for all users - from freelancers and agencies to large corporations. This innovative software helps users to effectively track their work hours, create invoices and much more.

Kimai - Open Source time-tracker
Kimai - free and easy time-tracking for freelancer, agencies and companies with user and invoice handling.


Kimai delivers a multitude of advanced features such as JSON API, invoicing capabilities, data exports, multi-timer and punch-in punch-out mode. These features are complemented by tagging, multi-user support across varying time zones and authentication through SAML/LDAP/Database. The software also provides customizable permissions for roles and teams. It's designed to be responsive on mobile devices ensuring that user-specific rates, advanced search & filtering options, budgeting tools for money and time along with reporting can be accessed anywhere.

The software offers exceptional flexibility with its multiteam support feature by allowing unlimited users with varying roles in each installation. Teams can be created to group users logically like departments or project-related peer groups which enhance project management efficiency. Kimai also supports invoicing activities through the provision of various templates along with a calculator and an invoice number generator. It enabled management of activities for each project with order numbers, budgets and visibility settings thus eliminating the need for duplications if projects share the same working unit.

With 2327 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-26 the project looks healthy.