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Explore the high-performance mailing list manager for seamless subscriber management, email campaigns, and analytics in a self-hosted solution.

Listmonk is a high-performance, self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager packed with features and designed for simplicity. Built as a single binary, it is free and open-source software that allows you to manage millions of subscribers with ease.

listmonk - Free and open source self-hosted newsletter, mailing list manager, and transactional mails
Send e-mail campaigns and transactional e-mails. High performance and features packed into one app.

Key Features

  • Performance Optimized: Enjoy a lightweight application with minimal CPU and memory footprint, capable of handling large-scale email campaigns efficiently.
  • Subscriber Management: Advanced subscriber management with custom JSON attributes, SQL-based segmentation, and fast bulk importing capabilities.
  • Transactional Mails: Utilize a simple API for sending transactional messages using pre-defined templates across various communication channels.
  • Analytics: Access straightforward analytics and visualizations to track your campaigns, with easy external connections due to simple table structures.
  • Dynamic Templating: Create powerful email templates with Go templating language support in a versatile editor accommodating HTML, Markdown, and plain text.
  • S3 Compatible Media Management: Manage campaign images on the server's filesystem or through Amazon S3 with an intuitive media manager.
  • Messenger Integration: Extend beyond emails by connecting HTTP webhooks for SMS, Whatsapp notifications, and more.
  • User Privacy Controls: Provide subscribers with options to blocklist themselves, export data, or wipe their data entirely in one click.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Integrate Listmonk within a CRM solution to enhance mailing list management and email marketing capabilities without building from scratch.
  • Leverage Listmonk's API to incorporate transactional email services into e-commerce platforms for order confirmations, shipping updates, and customer engagement.
  • Combine Listmonk with analytics tools to offer clients advanced insights into subscriber behavior and campaign performance within their existing marketing stack.
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