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Mailu is a user-friendly and feature-rich mail server that comes as a collection of Docker images. This innovative software is completely free, providing users with affordable mailing solutions without compromising on functionality. It's an open-source product, inviting external contributions and suggestions for continuous improvement.

Mailu — Mailu, Docker based mail server


The Mailu server provides all the standard features you'd expect from an email server, including IMAP and IMAP+, SMTP, and Submission. These ensure smooth sending, receiving, and storage of emails with assured security.

In addition to these basic capabilities, Mailu also offers a range of advanced email features. These include custom routing options, aliases, and domain aliases. The advanced features provide flexibility to users in managing their email system according to their specific needs.

All components of Mailu are licensed under the MIT license, ensuring open-access for all potential users. The files specific to Mailu's configuration along with its Dockerfiles and code are also freely accessible under this license.

With 4725 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-28 the project looks healthy.