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Solidus is an open-source ecommerce solution which offers comprehensive control to manage your online retail store. This free platform is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of businesses aiming for superior control and customization.

Solidus: Rails eCommerce Platform
Solidus is the free, open-source eCommerce platform based on Ruby on Rails for digitally-native brands, fast-growing online businesses and pragmatic developers.


With Solidus, you can gain full authority over every aspect of your online store. From inventory management to order processing and customer service, it empowers you with tools that streamline all these processes. It's a reliable platform that supports high-volume businesses, offering scalability and flexibility to grow along with your business.

The key features that make Solidus stand out include its robust product management system which simplifies product listing and inventory tracking. Furthermore, it offers advanced order management capabilities allowing easy order processing and tracking. Finally, it comes with an integrated customer management system that assists in delivering top-notch customer service by managing all customer-related activities efficiently.

With 4719 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-26 the project looks healthy.