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Manticore Search is an innovative open-source database born in 2017 as the successor to the Sphinx Search engine. It inherits the best aspects of its predecessor, while introducing substantial enhancements and bug fixes. The code was nearly completely rewritten to deliver a modernized, fast, lightweight solution that still provides robust database functionality and superior full-text search capabilities.

Manticore Search
Manticore Search is an easy to use open source fast database for search. Modern, fast, light-weight, outstanding full-text search capabilities


This software stands out due to its impressive scalability. Designed with high industry standards and diverse client needs in mind, Manticore can be scaled effortlessly. Whether your requirements involve searching a small website or analyzing billions of log records, Manticore Search handles it all. It's equally adept at managing a multilingual directory with petabytes of data from various sources.

A standout feature of Manticore Search is its efficient performance and resource consumption levels. Crafted in C++, a programming language renowned for its use in creating operating systems and browsers where performance is paramount, Manticore optimizes resource usage. Though C++ programming can be complex and time-consuming, it ensures Manticore Search uses no more RAM than necessary while maximizing CPU efficiency.

With 4262 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.