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Meemo is a versatile personal data management tool designed to help you organize and prioritize your information. This software is perfect for jotting down thoughts, storing ideas, keeping track of bookmarks, and managing your to-do list. It presents an intuitive user interface with a news feed-like layout organized by tags, allowing for an easy navigation through your accumulated data.

Meemo - Your personal notes
Your personal notes


Key features of Meemo include hashtag-style categories that allow for efficient organization of your notes and tasks. These categories offer a convenient way to group related items together and quickly find the specific information you need. The software also boasts full text search functionality which enables swift location of items in your data pile.

Additionally, Meemo supports Markdown language providing users with the flexibility to format their text as desired. It also comes equipped with useful data import and export options for ease of integration with other platforms or backups. What sets Meemo apart from other similar tools is its unique email feature - the software can automatically add notes when you send it an email!

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.