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Experience lightning-fast, relevant search results with MeiliSearch. Easy setup with advanced search capabilities for websites and apps.

MeiliSearch is an open-source, lightning-fast, and hyper-relevant search engine designed to provide a seamless search experience for websites and applications. It boasts smart presets for easy setup, advanced full-text search capabilities, and extensive language support. MeiliSearch fits effortlessly into various workflows with its developer-friendly API and extensive SDK support.

An open-source, blazingly fast, and hyper-relevant search engine that will improve your search experience

Key Features

  • Lightning-fast Searches: MeiliSearch delivers search results in less than 50 milliseconds, providing an instantaneous response that enhances user satisfaction.
  • Plug 'n Play: Quick deployment with zero configuration required, thanks to smart presets that allow you to start searching through your data immediately.
  • Ultra-Relevant Results: Offers advanced full-text search capabilities using out-of-the-box relevancy settings suitable for a wide range of use cases.
  • Filters: Enhance user experience with custom filters and faceted search interfaces, easily implemented with just a few lines of code.
  • Deploy Everywhere: Compatible with all major platforms, Docker, and MeiliSearch Cloud which manages everything for you.
  • Language Detection: Supports multiple languages and automatically detects them to cater to a global audience.
  • Custom Relevancy: Customize ranking rules according to your needs or use the default ones provided by MeiliSearch.
  • Ironclad Security: Secure your search implementation with API keys and tenant tokens that define precise access control.
  • Geo Search: Implement location-based searches without the complexity, as MeiliSearch simplifies the process.
  • Developer Experience: Focus on building your product with self-explanatory APIs and SDKs in various languages like JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • E-commerce Platforms: Integrate MeiliSearch to provide fast and relevant product searches, improving customer experience and conversion rates on e-commerce sites.
  • CMS Enhancements: Improve content discoverability in Content Management Systems (CMS) by incorporating MeiliSearch for quick and accurate article or media searches.
  • SaaS Products: Embed MeiliSearch within SaaS offerings to offer powerful search capabilities as a feature in project management tools, CRMs, or educational platforms.
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