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Mere Medical

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**Mere Medical** is a user-friendly software that redefines the way you manage your health records. It integrates with multiple patient portal systems including Epic MyChart, Cerner, and OnPatient, bringing all of your medical records together in one accessible location.

Mere Medical
Manage all of your medical records in one place. Mere is a personal health record that syncs your records across hospital systems for you. Open-source, self-hostable, and offline-first


Say goodbye to toggling between different patient portals. Mere Medical's key feature is its ability to seamlessly synchronize data from various health portals into one easy-to-navigate interface. This consolidation of data allows for a more comprehensive view of your medical history, making it easier to monitor progress, identify trends or track any changes in your health.

In addition to centralizing your records, Mere Medical also prioritizes user experience. It provides an intuitive layout and easy navigation that make monitoring health records less daunting and more manageable for individuals at any tech-savvy level. With Mere Medical, keeping track of your health has never been easier.

With 17 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-24 the project looks healthy.