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As a decentralized application, Misskey serves as a microblogging server or social networking service. It operates within the broad network of servers known as the Fediverse and uses the ActivityPub protocol. This allows it to interact with other services that use the same protocol such as GNU social and Mastodon.

Misskey.io は、Misskey HQが運営する地球で生まれた分散マイクロブログSNSです。Fediverse(様々なSNSで構成される宇宙)の中に存在するため、他のSNSと相互に繋がっています。<br>暫し都会の喧騒から離れて、新しいインターネットにダイブしてみませんか。<br><br><strong>現在、新規登録時に利用できないユーザー名で登録しようとするとメール認証をした後に失敗する不具合が確認されています。お手数ですが、「始める」を押す前にユーザー名の下に「利用できます」と表示されていることをご確認ください。</strong><br><br><a href=“ht…


Key features of Misskey include its app-like interface that enables easy navigation and interaction. Since it's decentralized, users have more control over their data and privacy compared to centralized platforms. Use of the ActivityPub protocol ensures interoperability with other Fediverse platforms, thereby allowing users to communicate beyond just Misskey.

Moreover, being an SNS for the Fediverse means there is greater potential for expanding your network and reach on this platform. Lastly, Misskey supports real-time updates which enhances user experience by providing instant feedback and updates.

With 8025 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.