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Virtual Classroom Software | BigBlueButton
BigBlueButton is an open source virtual classroom software. This platform was developed for virtual learning and education. Try it today!


BigBlueButton is an all-inclusive platform designed to foster communication and collaboration in a digital environment. This software allows for the real-time exchanging of crucial information through various mediums such as audio, video, slide presentations enhanced with whiteboard controls, chatrooms, and screen sharing functionalities.

The software's key features include its interactive whiteboard tool which allows users to annotate shared content directly. This feature supports teaching or presentation scenarios by enabling the presenter to highlight or underline key points on their slides in real time. The application's chat feature also offers a space for participants to discuss and exchange ideas instantaneously during a presentation.

Another compelling attribute of BigBlueButton is its screen sharing function. This feature allows users to effectively demonstrate processes or applications live on their screens for other participants to observe. Coupled with its audio-video sharing capabilities, BigBlueButton provides a holistic solution for remote communication and collaboration needs.

With 8047 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-31 the project looks healthy.