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Discover n8n's visual workflow editor for complex automation, featuring branching, merging, debugging, templates, and custom JavaScript options.

n8n is a robust workflow automation tool designed to help technical users build complex automations faster and with greater flexibility. Unlike traditional platforms, n8n offers a visual workflow editor that doesn't shy away from complex processes, providing the power to handle branching, merging, and iteration with ease. It's built for those who need a no-code option for basic tasks but also want the ability to write custom JavaScript for more intricate data manipulation.

n8n.io - a powerful workflow automation tool
n8n is a free and source-available workflow automation tool

Key Features

  • Visual Workflow Editor: A user-friendly interface that allows you to create and manage workflows with a simple drag-and-drop experience.
  • Complex Process Handling: Effortlessly manage branching and merging in your workflows, with the ability to pause and wait for external events.
  • Debugging Simplified: Edge cases are easier to solve with data displayed alongside settings within the editor.
  • Template Library: Access over 1000 workflow templates provided by n8n's core team and community to kickstart your automations.
  • Dual Coding Approach: Connect APIs without code or utilize vanilla JavaScript for advanced data manipulation when needed.
  • Custom Integration Capabilities: With over 220 integrations plus general connectors, connect to virtually any system or write your own integration.
  • Error Handling Customization: Tailor how your workflows respond to errors for seamless operation.
  • Horizontal Scaling: Scale your n8n instances horizontally to meet growing demands.
  • Sensitive Data Security: Host n8n on your own infrastructure to keep sensitive data secure and maintain compliance.
  • User Management: Control access and permissions with built-in user management features.

N8N Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Automate CRM data flows to streamline sales processes without writing custom code.
  • Incorporate n8n into SaaS platforms for backend prototyping and rapid feature testing.
  • Leverage n8n's robust integration library to connect disparate systems within an organization, reducing the need for manual intervention.
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