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NeonLink is a distinctive and self-hosted bookmarking solution, tailored for those who desire an individualistic approach to managing their online resources. It stands out with its unique design, offering a visually appealing interface for effortless navigation.

GitHub - AlexSciFier/neonlink: Simple self-hosted bookmark service.
Simple self-hosted bookmark service. Contribute to AlexSciFier/neonlink development by creating an account on GitHub.


Key features make NeonLink not only eye-catching but also highly functional. A user-friendly experience is ensured by the simplicity of its installation process, facilitated by Docker technology. This enables users to quickly set up and start using the software without extensive technical know-how.

Furthermore, NeonLink places emphasis on autonomy with its self-hosting feature. This means users have total control over their data and its security, giving them peace of mind while using the service. In essence, NeonLink encompasses a blend of style, simplicity, and security in the realm of bookmark management.

With 110 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-08 the project looks healthy.