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Neos is an innovative and open-source content management system (CMS). Originally known as TYPO3 Neos during its initial release, it offers a modern solution for digital content creation and management.

Neos CMS - Open Source Content Application Framework
Neos - open source Content Application Platform


The standout features of Neos include its user-friendly interface that allows for intuitive editing directly on the page. This makes content creation and editing an easier process, especially for those without technical expertise. It gives you a real feel of what the final output would look like while creating or modifying your digital content.

Another significant feature of Neos is its extensibility. Being an open-source platform, developers can customize and expand its functionality to cater to specific needs. It also has an integrated localization system which makes multilingual websites easier to manage. Furthermore, it employs a domain-specific language (DSL) approach for templates which allows developers to create highly customized layouts.

In summary, Neos is not just a CMS but a comprehensive digital experience platform that combines ease-of-use with strong customization capabilities.

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