Node RED
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Node RED

Discover Node-RED for efficient low-code application development. Visual editor, Node.js powered, one-click deployment, and extensive integrations.

Node-RED is an innovative low-code programming tool designed for event-driven applications, offering a visual development environment that simplifies the process of connecting hardware devices, APIs, and online services. Born from IBM’s Emerging Technology Services and now part of the OpenJS Foundation, Node-RED leverages flow-based programming principles to enable rapid and flexible creation of applications.


Key Features

  • Flow-based Programming: Utilizes a visual editor to assemble flows with nodes representing individual tasks or processes in your application.
  • Built on Node.js: Takes advantage of the non-blocking, event-driven architecture of Node.js for efficient performance across various platforms.
  • Extensible Palette: Customize your development palette by adding new nodes available through the community-driven library.
  • Single-click Deployment: Quickly deploy your flows to the runtime environment with just one click within the editor.
  • Social Development: Share your flows as JSON files with others via an online flow library or import them for collaborative development.
  • Browser-based Editor: Develop applications conveniently through a web browser without any heavy installations.
  • Built-in Library: Save and reuse functions, templates, or flows to streamline your development process.
  • Diverse Integration: Connects seamlessly with hardware such as Raspberry Pi and cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Node RED Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Integrating IoT devices quickly into existing systems for real-time data monitoring and control without deep programming knowledge.
  • Crafting custom automation workflows between web services to enhance productivity for small businesses or personal projects.
  • Building prototype applications for client demonstrations that can evolve into production-ready solutions with minimal changes.
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