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Discover Nomad for unified management of containers and applications. Streamline operations with global scalability and hardware-accelerated computing.

Nomad is a highly flexible and efficient workload orchestrator designed to deploy and manage containers, non-containerized applications, and virtual machines across various environments. It simplifies the complexities of running applications at scale, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Nomad by HashiCorp
Nomad is a simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator for managing containers and non-containerized applications across on-prem and clouds at scale.

Key Features

  • Unified Orchestration: Seamlessly manage both containerized and traditional applications without the need for containerization.
  • Streamlined Operations: Operates as a single binary without external dependencies, ensuring reliability and simplicity in resource management and scheduling.
  • Hardware-Accelerated Computing: Utilize GPUs for compute-intensive tasks like machine learning with built-in device plugins.
  • Global Scalability: Designed for global infrastructure with federation capabilities for multi-region and multi-cloud deployments.
  • Demonstrated Performance: Proven to handle large-scale clusters over 10K nodes efficiently and reliably.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Works cohesively with other HashiCorp tools like Terraform, Consul, and Vault for a comprehensive infrastructure solution.

Nomad Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Leverage Nomad to manage legacy application workloads alongside modern containerized services without rewriting existing codebases.
  • Incorporate Nomad into a multi-cloud strategy to ensure consistent deployment patterns across different cloud providers.
  • Utilize Nomad's GPU support to offer ML/AI as a service by efficiently scheduling GPU resources for client projects.
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