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Experience lightning-fast, typo-tolerant search with Typesense. Perfect for e-commerce, data exploration and enhancing CMS with powerful search features.

Overview: Typesense is an open-source, privacy-conscious search engine designed for lightning-fast performance and ease of use. It leverages modern search algorithms and hardware capabilities to provide a seamless search-as-you-type experience with features like autocomplete, faceted navigation, geo-search, and more. Engineered for developers, Typesense offers a simple RESTful API and is trusted by teams of all sizes.

Lightning-fast, open source search engine for everyone

Key Features

  • Typo Tolerance: With automatic typo correction, Typesense ensures users find what they're looking for, even when they make spelling mistakes.
  • Tunable Ranking: Customize your search results in real-time with flexible query-time ranking options.
  • Merchandising: Easily pin records to highlight or promote specific items in search results.
  • Synonyms Handling: Define synonyms to show relevant results regardless of the search terminology used.
  • Multi-tenant API Keys: Securely manage data for multiple users within a single index using distinct API keys.
  • Geo Search: Offer location-based search results sorted by proximity or within a specific region.
  • Federated Search: Conduct searches across multiple collections with a single query.
  • Vector & Semantic Search: Utilize built-in ML models or external APIs for advanced semantic and nearest-neighbor searches.
  • High Availability: Set up a resilient search service with minimal effort for maximum uptime.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • E-commerce Search Integration: Enhance online shopping experiences by integrating Typesense's instant search capabilities with product catalogues.
  • Data Exploration Tools: Build powerful data exploration interfaces allowing users to filter, sort, and visualize large datasets with ease.
  • CMS Search Enhancements: Improve content management systems by adding Typesense's fast and intuitive search functionality for articles, media files, and other resources.
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