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Openmeetings is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance remote collaboration and communication. Leveraging the powerful API functions of the Red5 Streaming Server, it offers an array of cooperative tools that enable efficient real-time collaboration among teams irrespective of geographical locations.

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Key features include high-quality video conferencing for seamless virtual meetings. The software also integrates instant messaging functionality, allowing prompt communication between team members. In addition to these, Openmeetings offers a shared whiteboard feature which enables users to visualize their ideas and plans effectively.

The software distinguishes itself with its collaborative document editing feature. Documents can be edited right inside the application in real-time, fostering a truly collaborative environment. All these rich features are all wrapped up in an intuitive interface making Openmeetings a preferred choice for teams looking for dynamic and flexible collaborative tools.

With 585 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-28 the project looks healthy.