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Discover OpenResty, a dynamic web platform merging NGINX with LuaJIT, designed for building scalable, high-concurrency web applications.

OpenResty® is a robust web platform that extends NGINX with Lua to create a dynamic and scalable environment for web applications. By integrating an enhanced version of NGINX core, LuaJIT, and various high-quality modules, OpenResty® allows developers to build high-performance web applications capable of handling thousands of connections simultaneously.

OpenResty® - Open source

Key Features

  • Integrated LuaJIT: Utilizes LuaJIT for scripting and offers an enhanced version of NGINX core for high performance.
  • Extensive Module Ecosystem: Includes a wide range of modules like ArrayVar, Redis2, and PostgresNginxModule for versatile web development needs.
  • Dynamic Web Application Development: Enables the creation of dynamic web portals, services, and gateways with ease.
  • Non-blocking I/O: Leverages NGINX's event model for non-blocking I/O operations with HTTP clients and remote backends.
  • High Concurrency: Capable of handling 10K to 1000K+ connections on a single server.
  • Professional Support: Offers enterprise solutions and commercial support through OpenResty Inc.

OpenResty Screenshots

Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Create high-performance APIs by leveraging the non-blocking architecture of NGINX and Lua scripting capabilities.
  • Implement custom authentication systems or rate-limiting features using OpenResty's extensive module ecosystem.
  • Integrate real-time data processing by using OpenResty's ability to interface with databases like MySQL or Redis directly from within NGINX.
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