Payload CMS
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Payload CMS

Discover a TypeScript-based CMS with a dynamic admin UI, customizable components, and powerful APIs for enterprise-level content management.

Overview: Payload CMS is an open-source, code-first content management system designed for developers who value control and extensibility. With its TypeScript foundation, Payload CMS offers a seamless backend solution that integrates a feature-rich admin UI, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from enterprise websites to native apps.

Payload CMS | Node & React TypeScript Headless CMS
Payload is an open source, headless CMS and application framework built with TypeScript, Node.js, and React.

Key Features

  • Code-first Configuration: Write your configuration in TypeScript, easily version control with Git, and share code across projects for consistency and efficiency.
  • Dynamic CMS: Enjoy a dynamic, configuration-based CMS with no code generation, ensuring smooth updates without breaking changes.
  • Extensible Admin UI: Fully customizable React-based admin UI that can be white-labeled or modified to include custom components and branding.
  • Powerful APIs: Utilize robust REST, GraphQL, and Local Node APIs to power any project's backend with ease.
  • Access Control: Implement robust access control functions at both document and field levels for secure data management.
  • Versatile Field Types: Access over 20 built-in field types including Arrays, Blocks, Relationships, and GeoJSON for flexible data modeling.
  • Hooks System: Customize behavior with document and field-level hooks to integrate third-party platforms or modify data processing.
  • Custom React Components: Enhance the admin dashboard by adding custom views or field types using an intuitive API.
  • Self-hosted Control: Maintain full control over your Express app by integrating Payload without imposing on your app's structure.
  • Scalable Database Schema: Work with a clean, reusable database schema that is fully portable and not specific to Payload CMS.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Rapid Prototyping: Low-code developers can leverage Payload CMS for quick prototyping of web applications by utilizing its dynamic admin UI and extensive APIs.
  • Data-Driven Websites: Easily manage content for data-driven websites using Payload's flexible data modeling and access controls without heavy coding requirements.
  • E-commerce Platforms: Integrate Payload CMS into e-commerce platforms for product management, order processing, and customer relations through its extensible features and robust APIs.
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