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OpenSourceTranslate is a powerful, self-hosted machine translation API that is completely free and open source. Unlike other APIs, it does not rely on proprietary providers like Google or Azure for translations, but leverages the power of the open-source Argos Translate library for its translation engine.

LibreTranslate - Free and Open Source Machine Translation API
Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. Self-hosted, offline capable and easy to setup. Run your own API server in just a few minutes.


One of the key features of OpenSourceTranslate is its support for per-user limit quotas. This allows you to issue API keys to users so they can benefit from higher request limits per minute. By default, all users are rate limited based on the set request limit. However, an optional API key parameter can be passed to the REST endpoints to grant a user higher request limits.

Furthermore, OpenSourceTranslate is entirely cost-free and offers unlimited usage. This distinguishes it from online services that usually charge per usage. Moreover, being 100% self-hosted ensures that your data remains private and secure as all translations are performed in your own virtual machine.

With 4561 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-30 the project looks healthy.