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OvenMediaEngine is a powerful, open-source platform that enables you to establish your own ultra-fast streaming server. This software is designed for those who require a custom, self-hosted solution with reduced latency to support their streaming needs.

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Key features of OvenMediaEngine include its ultra-low latency, typically in the sub-second range. This speed allows users to enjoy real-time interactivity in their broadcasts or live streams, making it ideal for applications such as online gaming, live sports broadcasting, and interactive classes or seminars. Moreover, as an open-source solution, it offers infinite customization options to meet unique user needs while maintaining high performance.

Additionally, OvenMediaEngine supports multiple protocols including WebRTC, Low Latency HLS (LHLS), and MPEG-DASH. These multiple protocol support ensures compatibility with various clients without requiring additional plugins or players. Furthermore, being a self-hostable service means you have complete control over your data and how it's distributed - a crucial feature for many businesses and individuals alike.

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