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PartKeepr is a dedicated inventory management application specifically engineered to handle electronic parts. It ensures that you maintain, manage, and monitor your stock levels efficiently and effectively.

PartKeepr - Open Source Inventory Management


This software tool comes equipped with several key features that make the task of inventory management a breeze. You can easily keep track of your stock levels and locate specific parts without any hassle due to the software's powerful search functionality. With this functionality, you can search for parts based on various attributes such as category, footprints, storage location, and many more.

Furthermore, PartKeepr offers additional functionalities like tracking of project history which helps you understand how many components are used over time in various projects. It also provides detailed reports about used parts which can be beneficial in planning purchases and identifying frequently used components. The software also supports barcodes which help in easier item identification and quick data entry. All these features combined make PartKeepr an effective solution for handling your electronic part inventories.

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