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Party Poker

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Party Poker is an intuitive web application devoted to making Agile and Scrum planning poker an effortless and productive exercise. By seamlessly incorporating the principles of Agile and Scrum methods, it provides a platform for team members to collaboratively estimate their workload.

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Key features of Party Poker include real-time user interaction, which allows team members to participate in planning sessions simultaneously regardless of their location. This feature makes the app ideal for remote or distributed teams. During these sessions, users can anonymously vote on task difficulty levels, ensuring unbiased estimates.

Additionally, Party Poker includes a feature that saves previous planning sessions. This allows teams to learn from past experiences and make more accurate estimates in future sessions. Furthermore, the application supports the use of Fibonacci, T-Shirt sizes, or any custom sequence for estimation tasks making it versatile to different team's needs and preferences.

With 9 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2022-06-21 the project looks abandoned.