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Introducing PassCheck, your trusted ally in maintaining robust digital security. This versatile web-based application offers an array of features to help you safeguard your data by generating secure passwords and validating their strength. Not only does it assist in creating strong passwords, but it also ensures their reliability through continuous checks for any potential online breaches.

PassCheck - Some handy password tools.


 Diving into its key features, PassCheck's password generator is a standout component designed to create unique and hard to crack passwords. It eliminates the hassle of coming up with strong and secure password combinations yourself. With this feature, you can generate unhackable passwords within seconds.

 Next, we've got the strength checker which aids in assessing the resilience of your chosen passwords. It gauges whether they are weak or strong enough to withstand hacking attempts. The third noteworthy feature is the HaveIBeenPwned breach checker which consistently monitors if your details have been compromised in any data breaches on the web. This feature guarantees your awareness about the safety status of your credentials.

 In summary, PassCheck aims to provide optimum Internet security by offering comprehensive password management solutions that are user-friendly and highly efficient.

With 55 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-05-17 the project looks healthy.