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Passky stands as an innovative and open-source password management solution designed for modern users. It not only provides robust password management but also enhances ease of use through its integrated website functionality and dedicated extensions for your browser. This software is also available as an application for both Android devices and desktop computers, making it an easily accessible tool in today's digital era.

Passky is a simple, modern, lightweight, open-source and secure password manager.


The key features of Passky include its simple design which doesn’t compromise on its modern aesthetics. Its user-friendly interface encourages seamless navigation even for users who are not tech-savvy. As an open-source software, it invites contributions from developers worldwide to continuously improve its functionalities and tackle possible security threats.

Furthermore, Passky provides exceptional versatility via dedicated apps for different platforms such as Android and PC. This ensures that you can securely manage your passwords irrespective of the device you use. Coupled with a browser extension, it guarantees quick access to all your passwords while browsing the web. The extension saves time typing in credentials and promotes safe online practices by avoiding reuse of passwords across multiple sites.

With 130 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-03-17 the project looks stale.