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Photoview is a photo gallery application that combines user-friendliness with the ability to seamlessly manage your photos on a personal server. This easy-to-use software provides an excellent platform for individuals wanting to have full control over their photo collections without compromising on accessibility or aesthetic quality.

Photoview is a simple and user-friendly Photo Gallery for self-hosted personal servers. It is made for photographers and aims to provide an easy and fast way to navigate directories, with thousands of high resolution photos.


Key features of Photoview include its simple interface that makes managing your photos a breeze. It caters to all user levels by ensuring its functionality isn't overshadowed by complexity. Even non-tech-savvy individuals can easily upload, categorize, and view their photo collections. The software allows for the creation of multiple galleries, making it a perfect tool for organizing images according to themes or events.

Photoview's biggest advantage is its compatibility with personal servers. This feature provides users with the security and privacy of keeping their photos on their server, thus averting concerns about third-party access or control. In addition, Photoview has been designed with performance in mind, ensuring smooth viewing experiences even when handling large image files or extensive photo collections.

With 4048 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-07-10 the project looks healthy.