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Tinyproxy is a highly efficient yet robust solution for setting up an HTTP/HTTPS proxy server. Providing a lightweight yet powerful proxy server experience, Tinyproxy delivers exceptional performance while consuming minimal system resources.

Tinyproxy : lightweight http(s) proxy daemon


Key features that make Tinyproxy stand out are its small footprint and less resource requirements. Its design prioritizes lightweight operation making it an ideal choice for servers with limited resources or on environments where memory and CPU consumption must be tightly controlled.

Furthermore, Tinyproxy supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols ensuring wide-ranging compatibility. The software can also handle concurrent connections, thus providing better efficiency in high traffic situations. In addition, the software boasts of transparency features which allow it to operate as a seamless intermediary between client and internet, ensuring uncompromised browsing speeds while maintaining security.

With 4031 GitHub stars and the latest commit on 2023-06-07 the project looks healthy.