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# Overview

Pixelfed - Decentralized social media
Learn more about Pixelfed, the free and open-source decentralized photo sharing social media platform


Pixelfed showcases a free, ethical, and user-friendly approach to photo sharing. It takes pride in being powered by ActivityPub federation, delivering a unique platform for all photography enthusiasts.

# Key Features

The Pixelfed experience is ad-free - ensuring your timelines are free from unwanted distractions. Additionally, the timelines are displayed chronologically without any meddling algorithms providing you an authentic sharing experience.

The platform stimulates exploration by allowing you to discover fresh content and new creators on a regular basis. A special feature offered is its optional filters that you can add to your photos for that little extra touch of creativity.

Sharing photos is made more exciting with the option to post them individually or in albums. Moreover, Pixelfed prioritizes privacy above all else. No third-party analytics or tracking is included, making the platform not just fun but safe as well.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.