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PrivateBin is a minimalist and open-source online pastebin platform that guarantees total data privacy by ensuring the server retains no knowledge of the pasted data. It encrypts and decrypts data in the browser using the robust 256 bits AES system to maintain top-level security.

General information on the PrivateBin project.


Key features of PrivateBin include its emphasis on user privacy, as administrators have no access to paste content. This feature eliminates concerns about users posting content considered illegal in some jurisdictions. If necessary or enforced, administrators can remove any paste from the system. Another essential feature is its similarity to other Pastebin-like systems for storing text documents, code samples, among others.

Furthermore, PrivateBin encrypts all data sent to its server for an extra layer of security. Notable is the option to set a password required to access a paste, which adds another level of protection and ensures that only those with your paste link and password can view your content.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.