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Pleroma is a versatile and feature-rich federated microblogging server. It's designed to communicate freely with many other servers in the fediverse, thanks to its compatibility with Mastodon, GNU social, and ActivityPub. This openness allows users to interact beyond the boundaries of their own server, effectively creating a more connected and social web.

Pleroma — a lightweight fediverse server


Key features of Pleroma include its lightweight nature, allowing it to run even on small devices or low-power systems. But its small size doesn't mean it compromises on functionality. Pleroma supports all the features you’d expect from a modern microblogging platform like profile management, post creation and moderation, alongside unique features like custom emojis and rich media attachments.

Furthermore, Pleroma is built with a focus on extensibility and customization. Users can modify their interface using themes or build on the software using its robust API for third-party applications. Security is another primary concern for Pleroma's developers; the software includes strong anti-spam measures and privacy settings for users' peace of mind.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability. Here is a link to another repository: https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma