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Yarn.social is a unique microblogging platform that offers a decentralized, Twitter-like experience. It is self-hosted, giving you complete control over your platform without having to worry about intrusive ads or tracking systems. With Yarn.social, your content and data are truly yours.

Yarn.social - The decentralised social micro-blogging platform that actually respects your privacy
Yarn.social is a decentralised self-hosted social media based on the Twtxt format that has a privacy-first focus. There are no ads, no tracking, and no personal information is ever collected or stored.


Key features of Yarn.social include its decentralization and lack of advertisements. Unlike mainstream platforms that store your data on their servers, Yarn.social allows you to host your own platform. This means that you have total control over your content; nothing can be censored or removed without your consent. The lack of advertisements also ensures a better user experience; there's no need to worry about annoying pop-ups or tailored ads based on invasive tracking.

Furthermore, Yarn.social promotes user privacy by not tracking you or collecting unnecessary personal information. With this emphasis on user-centric design and privacy-first approach, Yarn.social provides an alternative platform for microblogging where users can freely express themselves without compromising their online safety.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability. Here is a link to another repository: https://git.mills.io/yarnsocial/yarn