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PmWiki is a robust wiki-style system designed to make the process of creating and maintaining websites a collaborative, effortless endeavor. It allows multiple authors to work together in real-time, fostering an environment that encourages cooperation and teamwork.

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 PmWiki's key features include easy page editing and creation, enabling users with little to no HTML knowledge to contribute effectively. Its intuitive interface makes managing site content straightforward for individuals of all skill levels. Moreover, it offers password protection at any level - whether it be for the entire site, individual groups or specific pages.

 The software ensures that no data is lost through its comprehensive version history tracking. Changes made by users are preserved meticulously, allowing for easy tracking and restoration when needed. PmWiki also boasts customizability with thousands of add-ons and skins available, making it possible for every team to create a unique work environment perfectly suited to their needs.

With no link to a GitHub repository in our database, it is hard to estimate the project viability.