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Streamline your app development with an all-in-one backend solution featuring real-time updates, user authentication, and easy file management.

PocketBase is an open-source backend solution designed to streamline the development of SaaS and mobile applications. It offers a robust set of features including a real-time database, authentication services, file storage, and an admin dashboard, all within a single executable file. PocketBase aims to provide developers with a flexible and extendable platform that can be used as a standalone application or as a framework for building custom backends.

PocketBase - Open Source backend in 1 file
Open Source backend in 1 file with realtime database, authentication, file storage and admin dashboard

Key Features

  • Real-Time Database: PocketBase includes an embedded performant database with schema builder, data validations, and real-time subscriptions.
  • Authentication: Manage user accounts with built-in email/password and OAuth2 sign-ups (Google, Facebook, GitHub, GitLab), streamlining the process without external dependencies.
  • File Storage: Offers local and S3 storage options for files. It allows media attachments to database records and on-the-fly thumbnail generation.
  • Admin Dashboard: Comes with a convenient Admin UI for managing data, users, files, and settings directly from the browser.
  • Extendable: Can be used as-is or extended via Go and JavaScript hooks for custom backend logic.
  • No-CGO Requirement: The embedded SQLite database does not require CGO, enabling easier cross-compilation.
  • Open Source SDKs: Official JavaScript and Dart SDKs are available for frontend integration.
  • Standalone Executable: PocketBase can be downloaded as a standalone app or used as a Go framework/toolkit.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Compatible with multiple operating systems including Linux, MacOS, Windows (AMD64 & ARM64).
  • Licensed under MIT: PocketBase is licensed under the MIT license, granting extensive freedom to use and modify the software.

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Suggested Developer Use Cases

  • Rapid Prototyping: Low-code developers can use PocketBase to quickly set up backends for prototypes or MVPs without worrying about complex setup processes.
  • User Management Systems: Easily integrate user authentication and management in apps without building from scratch thanks to PocketBase's built-in capabilities.
  • Data-Driven Applications: Create real-time applications that require live updates to data such as chat apps or live dashboards using PocketBase's real-time database features.
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