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PolitePol is an intuitive online software solution designed to create RSS feeds from any existing webpage. This tool acts as a bridge between webpages and RSS aggregators, helping users stay updated with the latest content in a highly efficient manner.

GitHub - taroved/pol: RSS generator website
RSS generator website. Contribute to taroved/pol development by creating an account on GitHub.


One standout feature of PolitePol is its effortless setup process, allowing even novices to start creating RSS feeds within minutes. With PolitePol, there's no need for advanced technical skills or programming knowledge - all it takes is a few clicks to generate your desired feed. The tool also supports various formats, making it compatible with different types of webpages and platforms.

Moreover, PolitePol keeps user convenience at its core by providing an automatic update feature. This feature ensures that the created RSS feeds are always current with the latest updates from the original webpage. It also offers an easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies feed management and tracking. With PolitePol, you can easily monitor your favorite webpages and never miss important updates again.

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